Pure, unadulterated joy ain’t a bad thing. Or as my fellow Kansas Citian Corban Goble – editor of the really seriously great Epilogue Magazine – put it at Sunday’s Williamsburg Pool Party featuring Girl Talk: “Sometimes it’s just nice to see people having fun.”

I’d recommend viewing the slideshow here (hit download in the bottom right). Bigger, and the audio seems to sync up better.

And having fun is what Girl Talk is all about. He doesn’t mash up The Cranberries and M.I.A. to make a political statement or to make something high end – as far as I can tell. He does it to make you groove.

And groove you will. Oh, and just to make sure Mr. Talk, aka Greg Gillis, doesn’t sue me for more than sampling his samples, go buy his album. You can pay whatever you want for it, and whatever price you pay will be worth it. If it isn’t, I’m offering a personal refund.

To that end, I spent the afternoon turning my camera on the dancing hordes, rather than the performer on-stage. What I found was a whole lot o’ joy. Enjoy the slideshow above, and check out some of my favorite shots below.

More pictures here.

More slideshows here.


3 responses to “Joy

  1. Hey man, looks great, love the music that’s connected to it. Wish I could have seen some of it first hand.

  2. I think I saw you in one of those photos breakin’ it down!

  3. girls always know how to work it.

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