On Board #4

Our first guest contribution to On Board comes from Tim C., a B-Line expert up in Boston. You can read more from Tim – on, among other things, the Yankees, Hanson, and Infinite Jest – at Dangerous, Dirty, and Unfun.

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August 10, 2009
Green Line, Boston College to Copley

5:43 I have two superpowers. One is to always walk into an elevator on the side where the buttons aren’t. The other is to roll up to the Boston College T stop as a train is pulling away. If only I could harness these powers for good, and not evil.

5:46 One of the two guys in the back car with me has the same pair of blue high top Chucks as me. Except his are laced way cooler than mine. He’s also sitting in the seat immediately adjacent to his pal, which strikes me as odd in an otherwise empty train.

5:50 I notice that me and the two other guys in the back car are all wearing sneakers, jeans, and polo shirts. We should start a band.

5:53 The Mt. Hood Road stop hasn’t existed since December 2005, but there’s still a sign there advertising its absence as part of a pilot program to remove certain street-level B Line stops. I wonder if it will ever make a return?

5:55 Death. Taxes. People cramming into the first car of a Green Line trolley.

5:58 This particular T driver is my favorite kind. He only opens the front door at first, leaving the back doors closed long enough for anyone angling to get in there to resign themselves to going in through the front door and actually, you know, paying their fare. Kudos, driver!

We’ve also reached the point in the ride where I can no longer stretch my legs out on all the empty seats next to me. I almost made it to Harvard Avenue.

6:09 The train just passed a “No Left Turn” sign. However, it was much closer to the tracks than it was to the street, causing me to briefly wonder “How the hell could this train even MAKE a left turn?” Hoo boy.

6:12 I never stop being fascinated by the Guy Whose Phone Rings Really Loud But It Takes Him at Least Ten Seconds to Realize It. You’ve seen this guy before, right?

6:14 This dude just got on the train wearing a tshirt with the silhouette of two flying creatures. I hoped against hope they were pteranodons. Alas, they were only sea gulls, or ospreys, or something.

6:18 The Hynes Convention Center stop used to be the Hynes Convention Center / ICA stop. When the Institute of Contemporary Art moved to the waterfront, the station took its current name. However, instead of recording a new automated voice informing riders they’re entering the Hynes Convention Center stop, they just lopped off the “ICA” from the old recording, so every time the announcement comes on over the PA, the end has this halted, choppy quality that makes you want to say to the automated T robot “Pardon? You were going to say something?” Still haven’t gotten used to it.

6:19 Copley. This is my stop, folks.


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    how to prepare for the bird flu

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