Architects are optimists

Daniel Libeskind is a Starchitect, and a lot of the time I don’t like Starchitects (I’m not the only one). There’s a lot to be said for designing a cool building, but there’s a lot more to be said for designing a building that does cool, purposeful stuff.

I also don’t like theoretical discussions. But I like stories, and I like Libeskind’s statement that architecture is a story, is a fairly apt one. Therefore, I recommend spending 20 minutes with this TED Talk, in which he talks sense into his Starchitecture. The final few minutes, on Libeskind’s design for the political, cultural, emotional, and economic maelstrom that is Ground Zero, thankfully make that project seem slightly less maelstromy.


One response to “Architects are optimists

  1. Do we consider the guy who designed this to be a Starchitect?

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