Soda v. Pop? Coke.

This map, defining regional colloquialisms for ordering a frickin’ Coke, allows me to make several points:

1. St. Louis is essentially an East Coast, rather than Midwestern, city.

2. I always used to say “Coke.” It appears this is a Southern tendency (my county leans heavily “Pop”). When I order a Coke, it usually means I then get to go fill up my “Coke” at a soda fountain with whatever I desire. Perhaps there are more of these free refill fountains, rather than behind the counter fountains, in the South. And perhaps that explains the obesity epidemic. This is a wildly speculative and wholly incomplete theory.

3. I contend that New England has the most unique set of colloquialisms of any region in the country. Not dialect, or grammer, or accent. They just like to make up words. Liquor stores are “packys.” Chocolate sprinkles are “Jimmy’s.” Traffic circles are “Rotaries.” Other regional contenders?

Now, that’s a useful map.


One response to “Soda v. Pop? Coke.

  1. My dad travels a lot in the south, and he often gets asked “what flavor coke would you like?”

    How about a cola-flavored soda?

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