About time

This seems like the one way for magazines to use video:



These are little more than advertisements for the magazine. Buy the magazine so you can play with George Clooney’s face. Buy the magazine to read about Todd Palin. But they were creative and hold your attention even through a god awful bluegrass riff.

Anyone else seen magazines using video in cool ways?


One response to “About time

  1. Hey there,

    Just passing through and getting acquainted with new blog voices 🙂

    From a media standpoint, the industry is changing every day, and it’s very difficult to come up with concrete ways to keep up with it. Technology has changed the magazine in more ways than one. Video is just one of the more recent developments, and I can only expect that it will take a while for the heavy hitters in the field to really be able to use it in an effective way.

    Actually, I saw a really cool video on nytimes.com about a guy who graduated from college in 1929 — they used it to compare what it’s like to graduate in a recession now to what it was like back then. Pretty interesting stuff. So really I think it comes down to a matter of editorial content choices, which I suppose it the problem with or without technology. If you can come up with interesting content ideas, you can do it in any format — print or new media.

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