The Last Lion

This is an awesome use of different media to supplement a series of lengthy pieces on Ted Kennedy. gave the package big play yesterday and reasonable play today, driving traffic to a package that . A few innovations that aren’t new, but that Web sites should use more:

– Releasing this seven-part story over seven days online, rather than all at once. Give people a reason to come back and check your site everyday.

– Not limiting the multimedia to photos or even video. Pull quotes, old front pages, and documents (in this case, letters), are all underused in online stories.

– Presentation. This is the first time I’ve seen other media linked down the side to the corresponding part of the article. It gives the feel of reading a magazine piece where the art actually coordinates with what you’re reading.

– Selling out. The whole package is part of a push to sell a book about Ted Kennedy by the Globe staff. I’m all for it – if it pays for good journalism, sell it.

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