Lies, half-truths, or just stories?

This New Yorker article is an excercise in storytelling in the obvious ways – it’s an entertaining and informative read. But Tad Friend’s article on how Hollywood markets movies has storytelling in its heart. Movies are obviously stories, but the marketing schemes designed to get people in the theaters are stories as well – sometimes stories that are drastically different than the ones told in the actual films.

I don’t point this out to disparage movie marketing as an attack on the art – I’m thinking the opposite. Marketing is an art, and these marketers take what their given – a movie – and use the material therein to tell a convincing story in posters and trailers and adverts. Where the movie itself might be ‘Art’, and though it’s fair to challenge the assumptions movie marketers have about targeting audiences, but I found myself thinking that what they’re doing is just another effort at telling a story.


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